As a multi-disciplined attorney, I bring knowledge, skills, and understanding from several academic disciplines that can impact your case. I integrate legal knowledge, social work, criminology and an intense research focus to enable results. Take the Smith case, for example. … Continue reading

Photo Line-Ups and Eye Witnesses

Photos used for motion for new trial. In the case that I was dealing with for a motion for a new trial, we argued that the testimony of the eyewitness was in complete contradiction to the established facts, and as … Continue reading

Wrongfully Accused?

The cases I like most are those in which the client believes he or she has been wrongfully accused. Whereas every case gets my full attention, it is the wrongfully accused case that both the client and the attorney seem … Continue reading

Mary’s Experience

Mary Jeanette Clement Source: Richmond Law Fall 1999. Vol. 12, No. 2, P.27 “Alumni Profile” As a student in the 1960’s, Dr. Mary Hageman Clement, L’90, knew few female attorneys. So despite a lifelong interest in law and career counseling … Continue reading